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Fishface, named for the fact that as a kitten she would usually end up with half her food on her face, is no longer with us. Have fun chasing those mice up there, we miss you!

Hummer roof rack 1

This is a view of the roof rack,with the mounting bars. These bars are available in single unit quantity for use as light bars (we'll weld tabs on them if you wish) and multiple quantities. My roof rack is about 8 feet long, and uses five of these stands.

Roof Rack View 2

This view shows the roof rack and two of the five uprights.

Roof Rack View 3

Closeup of the gutter mount. The bottom of the upright part has a rubber 'foot' pad to protect your gutter. The clamp part also is rubber coated for paint protection.

Colors: Black and white are the most common. They could be painted body color, though that would add to the cost of the stands.

Complete Roof Racks. The pictured rack is varnished Oak. I don't recommend this (high maintenance), instead I recommend Cedar, or RedWood, with a spray on protector such as Thompson's Weather Guard deck sealer, if desired. Full kit includes floor (slat width may be specified between 2 and 6 inches (approximate sizes). If you are going to put a spare tire on the rack, I offer a protector sheet (vinyl sheet, white or green) and a mount unit that is pre-installed on the stand part (It cannot be removed, but the bolt/stud can be taken off if desired.)

Weight limits: as per AM General's recommendations. I have a spare tire, and two boxes on mine, and walk there too. Very solid.

Hummer Addon Gauge/Switch Panel

This is my add-on gauge and switch panel. The picture shows with three gauges, it now sports four gauges (volt, clock, transmission temperature, and transfer case temperature, and two switchs (security/auto-start, and air-horn enable) and one led light (security system.)

Easily made, though they are easier to make for the 95 than some of the newer models (the 94-95 years had a wonderful blank space on the dog-house that was just right.) I can make these for anyone who wants one, to whatever dimensions desired. Originally I had planned on six gauges, but there was not enough room to put three rows of 2 1/16" standard gauges. Mini-gauges would fit, but I didn't want to go that way.

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