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What's new! We have added a section on installing Windows! This section will help both experienced users and those who don't have a great deal of experience in installing windows on a computer.

Contact - please use the feedback link (above) to contact us. Be sure to include an email or other contact information about you when you use feedback so we can reply.


hipson.net is powered by Dell Poweredge servers. Yes, we make servers, but we also resell reconditioned servers. There are great values in used servers that still have years of life in them.


Welcome to hipson.net!

www.hipson.net is the home of .hipson.net, a provider of value oriented servers for business, industry and ISPs. We offer both new and reconditioned servers, with Windows 2003 Server, Linux, or bare with no operating system for those users who have already an OS license.

Our pricing is aggressive, and our service is personal. Each server is pre-configured for your needs and desires.

Most servers we build are rack mounted (these occupy the least floor space) though we do also build desktop and free-standing servers.

Sales of various products are also done by hipson.net. Some products are auctioned on eBay.com, and most products are also available directly from us. Typically eBay items are absolute auctions (once purchased, it is yours, be sure of what you buy) while direct purchased items have very favorable return policies.


Hipson.net manufactures, in addition to computers and servers, a number of electronic items for automotive purposes. All products are intended for aftermarket usage. End users can check on eBay for our auctions of these items, or buy directly from us. Resellers may choose to buy from us in quantity, where prices are very competitive.


Sometimes hipson.net receives items that are not computer related. Usually these are items purchased from various sources as surplus. Items in this category are always auctioned on eBay, however eBay items may also be available directly if buying quantity. Email us if you see an eBay auction that is for an item that you wish in quantity.


Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. If you have a problem with anything received from hipson.net, please contact us immediately.


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hipson.net is located in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. Jaffrey is located in South Western New Hampshire. We are the home of Mt. Monadnock, the most climbed mountain in the world.



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