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Peter D. Hipson is a teacher, author, consultant, and developer, who lives and works in New Hampshire, in the northeastern part of the United States. He holds a MEng in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok (see their web page at http://www.ait.ac.th), Thailand. AIT is one of the leading engineering and management institutions in the world. Peter has an undergraduate BSEE (in communications).

Peterís original field of expertise was electronics and communications. Though today he does less work in the field of computer hardware, he is still considered a competent electrical engineer who develops hardware projects for his own use.

First involved in computers in the early 1970ís where he performed work at the hardware level on mainframe computers used for inventory and management. Subsequent work with mainframes continued until the mid-1980ís.

His work with micro computers dates back to their inception in the early to mid 1970ís. Achievements in the early microcomputer field include patents for development of microcomputer technology dealing with secure software techniques, and advanced work in data encryption. Other work included the development of interfaces for early microcomputers allowing the then simple computers to work with a number of different devices.

Peterís post-graduate work included work in the use of computers in management, with specific emphasis on the role of Industrial Engineers and computers. His work included time with Goodyear Tire and Rubber, where he researched methods to use computers in the tire-manufacturing process. At the same time, he did research work on the management of computer centers.

Past work experience includes serving as AITís system administrator (AIT, at the time, used IBM mainframe computers), teaching and lecturing (undergraduate, graduate, and in corporate environments), consulting, and authoring many books and articles on software development and systems administration. Work in security began at AIT, and has continued since.

Current work includes teaching undergraduate classes at Franklin Pierce College in Rindge, New Hampshire, and lecturing in the corporate environment. Other continuing work includes working as a consultant (both application development and systems administration), and writing books and articles. Other work includes writing books on various microcomputer related topics (see below for more information on Peterís books.)

One of his current projects is Safe Kids on the Internet, a program which teaches children and their parents how to use the Internet safely.

Hardware work included the design (with Thomas Westheimer) of the CopyRighter CPU, a patented hardware design allowing execution of encrypted software. The design had commercial and government applications. Peter has extensive experience with hardware, system configuration, and design.

Peter developed the first PC and Windows mapping (GIS) applications. Descendants of his Windows GIS products still enjoying success in the market today, almost 15 years after initial development. Peter also developed the first non-Windows PC based mapping program, and pioneered the use of microcomputers for GIS, mapping, high speed graphics, and geographic database techniques. These programs were created in the mid-1980ís, after the personal computer had developed sufficient computational power to drive the applicationís need for performance.

Peterís work in database techniques, both for general applications and for GIS based systems is used frequently in the development of both GIS and other business-based applications. Several database books by him continue to sell well, despite their age.

Virtually all work in the past 15 years has primarily been in the Microsoft Windows arena, at all levels: administration, programming and user.

A valued member of the Microsoftís beta-test team, he has helped to test and develop products including: QuickC for Windows; Visual C++ 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 4.0 (and every subsequent release of Microsoftís programming platformóDeveloper Studio.) Microsoft systems software tested includes Windows CE, Windows 3.0 and 3.1; Windows for Workgroups 3.1 and 3.11; Windows 95 and Windows 98; and Windows NT 3.5, 3.51 and 4.0, and 5, (both Workgroup and Server versions), Windows 2000 and Windows XP. He also tests a wide variety of other products from both Microsoft and other companies for business, industry and home applications. He is a member of Microsoftís ExpertZone (at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/expertzone/,) a limited membership group of computing experts that provide unofficial support for Windows users. He was a member of ClubIE, a team leader and board member of ClubWin, the two predecessors of the Expert Zone.

As an author, some of the titles written include Mastering the Windows XP Registry, Microsoft BackOffice 2.5: The Complete Solution, The Windows NT 4 Server Book, Advanced C, What Every Visual C++ 2 Programmer Should Know, Database Developerís Guide with Visual C++, Visual C++ Developer's Guide, and Using QuickC for Windows. A fully detailed list of his book titles is included later.

Other books that Peter contributed to include Programming Windows 95 Unleashed (published Sams) and contributions to other titles as an un-credited contract author. Sybex has published his books on the Windows registry, the latest registry book being published in 2002. He was also the series editor for Queís BackOffice Special Edition series. Books in this series included titles such as Using Microsoft Site Server, Special Edition, a book that is an important publication in the field of Internet commerce

Additional works include the Expert Guide to the Windows NT 4 Registry book, published by Sybex late in 1998 and Mastering the Windows 2000 Registry, released in January 2000 by Sybex. His book Mastering the Windows XP Registry was one of the first Windows XP registry books available. These Sybex titles have continued to be very good sellers over the past few years.

He is often a speaker at conferences and user groups including Boston Universityís WinDev Windows developerís conference held each year in Boston, Massachusetts and in Santa Clara, California. In 1998, he was one of the panelists on the WBUG Technical Presentation on the future of Windows given in June of that year.

He writes from time to time for technical publications such as the Windows Technical Journal, and often assists other authors in their writing, and serves as an editor and technical editor for authors and publishers.

He has been a member, in good standing, of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) since 1983. He is also a member of Microsoftís Expert Zone and was a member of ClubWin (where he led the Windows 2000/Windows NT teams). In the past, Peter was also a board member for ClubWin.

Some of the books written by Peter D. Hipson include (a list of articles, older books, books with contributions by Hipson, and non-computer related publications available on request):


Recent Books:


Mastering the Windows XP Registry


Mastering the Windows 2000 Registry 2nd Edition


Expert Guide to the Windows NT 4 Registry


The Windows NT 4 Server Book


Microsoft BackOffice 2.5: The Complete Solution


Database Developerís Guide With Visual C++ 4


Programming Windows 95 Unleashed


Database Developerís Guide with Visual C++


Advanced C


What Every Visual C++ Programmer Should Know


Using Quick C for Windows


Visual C++ Developerís Guide


Programming languages used or taught by Peter Hipson include the following. Please note that Peterís current work is mostly in C/C++, Basic/Visual Basic, and some JavaScript and assembler (Intel.)





C/C++, Visual C++


BASIC, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.net



Java, JavaScript

Mainframe computers:







Peter maintains a personal computer network powered by Windows. Dial-in service is provided for family members. Peterís personal web site (hosted on the above computer systems) is located at http://www.hipson.net.

When not banging on the keyboard or doing other really difficult work, he can usually be found on one of his bicycles braving the highways and hills of New Hampshire, driving off road on mountain trails in his Hummer, or perhaps sailing his catamaran on the lakes near his home. He really wishes he didnít have so much free time.

Member of:

Microsoft Expert Zone

Franklin Pierce College Faculty

ACM - Association of Computing Machinery

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