This is my they won't tell me so I figured it out on my own page. Some manufacturers are not inclined to support their customers. In all the below products and companies, I first asked them for the solution to my problem. Most simply ignore my request, some are more active in not responding. Now, you say, how can a company be less responsive than ignoring you? Easy, some of these companies have support pages, and allow the customer to file a support request, give the customer a problem id, and then simply close the request for support a few days later without ever bothering to respond to it! Virtually a slap in the face, so to speak.

Avocet Vertech.

Nice altimeter. Lot's of well thought out features. A bear to change the batter because when the batter (usually if left completely dead) is changed the unit is likely to display garbage instead of the altitude! Fear not, it is not broken, just poorly designed and doesn't 'reset' itself correctly. A nice email to them got no response--should have figured. Their manual is at Nothing about changing the battery, except perhaps to say that you should send it in to them. If after changing the battery, the altitude is wrong (usually incredibly high, over 40K feet) simply remove the battery and short the battery terminals together. Reinstall the battery, and check to see if it is OK. If not do this again, and continue until the display is correct. You may loose long term altitude and temperature compensation, but they are easily reset.


Westell WireSpeed

Westell WireSpeed DSL ADSL modem/router/bridge/firewall. Nice compact, not expensive unit that is quite reliable. However it has some 'bugs' that are incredible! First, the firewall log is in hours since the modem was last booted. The firewall log doesn't have dates, either! This is incredible since the unit knows exactly what time it is (it does a time update over the Internet) it is just that the programmers didn't seem to be able to figure out something so simple! There is only one fix that I know of: Reboot (restart, but don't use the reset button on the rear of the unit!) the unit at either 12 noon, or midnight. I use local time, but I could have used UTC times as well. Because the firewall log doesn't have days, you need to be able to figure the date out--not rocket science however. Funny, the diagnostic log tells you that the time/date is from reboot, but the firewall log doesn't bother!

Again, the WireSpeed unit. This unit has a fairly effective firewall. You should always run with the firewall enabled. Period. However, the firewall can be programmed, and it follows a similar technique that other firewalls use. As soon as I find a decent site with instructions for programming firewalls, I'll post the URL. Till then, be very careful when changing the scripts.