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Peter D. Hipson has a number of interests. He enjoys bicycle riding (both road and off-road), four wheeling (in his Hummer), writing, and doing physically demanding things. Despite the fact that Peter's students would consider him 'over the hill' he'll try almost anything.

  • Autos - Hummer, the ultimate 4x4 vehicle. Some related Web sites:


  • Work as a teacher:


    • Sybex Books
    • Other publishers for Peter's books include Sams, Que, Ventana and other publishers
    • Peter is currently working on both fiction (actually science fiction) and non-fiction titles.


    • FPC Franklin Pierce college! Peter teaches computer science (and other things) at our local college. We have students from most states in the USA, as well as some foreign students.


  • Travel - I have lived and work all over the world. From a childhood in Canada, high school in Florida, Michigan, and foreign countries. I also lived for many years in Thailand.
    • Expedia.com - look up Nova Scotia, and Bangkok Thailand!


  • Investing and Money - Money? Who's got money?

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